Breast Pain Before Menstruation Symptoms

Who would I ask, signs of pain if I experienced it?
I am afraid that the complaint was that the signs of breast cancer. But I am optimistic hopefully not breast cancer. Please answer.
Wassalamu'alaikum wr. wb.

From: S. Handayani
Wa'alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Thank you for the question that Ms. give us.
Pain in the breast has been termed as mastalgia, it is quite often complained. Nature can take the form of local (one specific point only) or diffuse (pain felt on all sides of the breast), unilateral, and bilateral.

Breast Pain Before Menstruation Symptoms

Local shaped breast pain is generally due to the existing system of the bulge, such as cysts and infections that lead to the emergence of local pernanahan. Moderate diffuse nature of pain, usually caused by fibrocystic turnover, hormonal replacement which led to the development of breast tissue, breast ligaments stretch in the form of a pendulum whose patron, and the cause of which is not often as breast inflammation (mastitis).

question :I am a woman aged 36 years , mother of one child . In the most recent few days after menstruation breast pain right side . When before menstruwasi also I also always pain in the breast . I have to check for yourself if there is a bulge , but I did not find a bulge on my breast
Substitution fibrocystic one includes duct ectasia, fibroadenoma simplex, adenosis, fibrosis, cysts, and hyperplasia (excessive growth) of breast tissue degrees lightly. All of these conditions are benign disorder. Special if not found any abnormality in the breast, like a bulge, redness, thickening of the skin, and for instance, as a natural mother, most likely trigger is hormonal replacement on the body. Breast cancer itself does not often result in pain.
Priority in pain assessment is remove the suspicion of pregnancy, so that the healing after it was harmful to the fetus. Pregnancy also is one of the causes of breast pain. To overcome the pain can be used as anti-pain medication acetaminophen or non-steroidal anti-pain kind of another, such as ibuprofen. When Mother consumption hormonal medicines containing estrogen - progesterone, should consume it stopped.
Source : Tips Health

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